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...dreamlands, daydreams, spirits and ghosts,

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Bachelor of Arts Mari Suso

First I took photographs, plenty, black and white, lived in the darkness of the studio. Looking the world through a lens. I drew my pictures b&w as well, usually with ink.

After millennium I found color and since that I never let go of it. Started color photography, made light weight colorful aquarelles and big heavy oil on canvas. pigments, solvents and mediums...

At the moment I´m focused on acrylic painting as a media for my creativity. I create semi-abstract landscapes with a soul of the landscape hidden inside. Soul, or the ghost, may be also visible, human spirit or perhaps a bird. 

My style is bit unfinished, there is always mistakes and occurrence, where the soul of an artwork can enter in. I paint multiple layers and they tend to transform the painting massively during the process. I use destiny and fortune, fluid unplanned method, as i work with my flow. Till the sound is right, mystical and a bit dreamy. 

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Thanks to all my customers I am again on the list of most selling artists on TAIKO. Feeling blessed. Planning ideas for the future artworks.


past year was different for all
but I was successfull & happy to be one of the best selling artist on finnish online art webshop Taiko

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When my other hand is painting, the other is using the printing press.

Apart from TAIKO my delicate etchings and monotype prints are also available at Taidelainaamo Taidekeskus Mältinranta in Tampere and Järvenpään Taidelainaamo TAIKKA, Finland. And also directly from my studio, contact form at the end of my page.

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I used to draw my young adut life. Big pile of them black books in the storage... Recently I was asked by an old friend to reveal them, so here we go...

...some stream of consciousness!

+ extra bonus, bunch of old paintings late 90´s and early 2000´s

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